I did a lot of research when writing “Prairie Gold, and was very happy to learn that there had been a Minneapolis-Moline dealership in Baraboo, just up the road from the family farm in Some Kind of Sign. After all, it is the most mellifluous tractor brand name; nothing else comes close.

As far as I know, this is the only song that celebrates the Model R Minneapolis-Moline. Or, for that matter, any model

On hearing this song, Marnie’s grandfather said, “That’s pretty good,
but now you have to write one about Farmalls.” (I still haven’t done that, but it would likely happen before I wrote one about John Deeres.)

As with all the songs in
Some Kind of Sign, I wrote
“Prairie Gold” in October 2003.

Songs to listen to. . . .

Prairie Gold (from Some Kind of Sign)

The Fiddler (from Some Kind of Sign)

Just Around the Corner (unreleased)

Government Work (unreleased)

Somebody Else’s Alibi (from Just Where We Are)

You Can Get There from Here (from Just Where We Are)

Don’t You Worry ’bout Falling (from Just Where We Are)

Sunny Side of the Street (Pogues cover; SG General Store, 11-22-2008)


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