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These photos span 35 years or so, though thereÕs a huge gap between the first ones of Townes Van Zandt, whom I photographed March 11, 1977 at the CatÕs Cradle in Chapel Hill, and of the others, the most recent of which I shot at the Shitty Barn here in Spring Green in 2013.

When I photographed Townes, I was shooting film--Tri-X pushed to 1600, I think--with my Fujica ST-801; the two images here were made with Fujinon EBC lenses, one a 100mm/2.8, the other a 28mm/3.5. I scanned the negatives within the last few years with a Nikon Coolscan V ED.

The other photos were all made using my Pentax K-series DSLRs with a variety of lenses, mostly Pentax. My favorites for shooting at the Shitty Barn are all primes: K 28/3.5, M 50/1.7, M 50/1.4, K 85/1.8, K 135/2.5, and my only auto-focus primes, a DA 21/3.2 and a DA 70/2.4.

The Shitty Barn is anything but that to shoot in: itÕs a wonderfully intimate space with just enough room to maneuver without being a total distraction to the audience. ItÕs a great listening environment, too; if you hear one performance there, youÕll likely be back for more.

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Townes Van Zandt
CatÕs Cradle; Chapel Hill, NC; 03-11-1977

Malcolm Holcombe
Cafˇ Carpe; Fort Atkinson, WI; 03-31-2012

Juniper Tar
Shitty Barn; Spring Green, WI; 05-16-2012

Corey Hart / Dietrich Gosser / Paul Otteson
Shitty Barn; Spring Green, WI; various dates, 2012

Christopher Paul Stelling
Shitty Barn; Spring Green, WI; 10-03-2012

Shitty Barn; Spring Green, WI; 09-26-2012

John Common & Jess De Nicola
Shitty Barn; Spring Green, WI; 09-29-2012

Kevin Gordon
Shitty Barn; Spring Green, WI; 10-10-2012

Amy Helm
Shitty Barn; Spring Green, WI; 10-19-2012

Jeffrey Foucault & Cold Satellite
Shitty Barn; Spring Green, WI; 05-15-2013

Rick Harris & The Cozys
BobFest; Spring Green General Store; 05-26-2013

Wooldridge Brothers
Shitty Barn; Spring Green, WI; 06-05-2013

Walter Salas-Humara
Shitty Barn; Spring Green, WI; 06-05-2013 :: home of singer-songwriter / photographer Nath Dresser :: all material © Nath Dresser unless otherwise noted