The mp3 song files listed here were recorded over a span of more than a decade, some with a 4-track cassette and others with digital recorders with a variety of mics and guitars. The songs were mixed using various software and plug-ins; some are on CDs, others others not yet released (though they’ve all been performed live).

Despite the variations in sound, they should give you an idea what I sound like. (Which reminds me of the Bill Morrissey line from “Chameleon: “We’ve both heard me sing, and the world just does not need two of that.)

Songs to listen to. . . .

Prairie Gold (from Some Kind of Sign)

The Fiddler (from Some Kind of Sign)

Just Around the Corner (unreleased)

Government Work (unreleased)

Somebody Else’s Alibi (from Just Where We Are)

You Can Get There from Here (from Just Where We Are)

Don’t You Worry ’bout Falling (from Just Where We Are)

Sunny Side of the Street (Pogues cover; SG General Store, 11-22-2008)


* Except for “Sunny Side of the Street,” all songs & recordings
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