I finished “Don’t You Worry ’bout Falling on September 14, 2002, just in time to include it on my first CD. This version stems from that recording, but it’s been digitally remixed.

This is how the song was originally conceived, though nowadays I generally play it more slowly.

This one contains a couple literary nods to Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy. . . .

Songs to listen to. . . .

Prairie Gold (from Some Kind of Sign)

The Fiddler (from Some Kind of Sign)

Just Around the Corner (unreleased)

Government Work (unreleased)

Somebody Else’s Alibi (from Just Where We Are)

You Can Get There from Here (from Just Where We Are)

Don’t You Worry ’bout Falling (from Just Where We Are)

Sunny Side of the Street (Pogues cover; SG General Store, 11-22-2008)


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