As I was listening to the final mix of this song before uploading it to the website, my son stepped into my office.

“Dada, what’s that mean? he asked. He wanted to know what “Just Around the Corner was about.

Lots of people have asked me the same question. I suspect the answer can be found in Aki Kaurismäki’s film The Man Without a Past. There’s a scene in the final third of the film, I think, in which the title character and Irma, his date, drive to a concert. Irma, played by Kati Outinen, replies very succinctly to something the main character says, her response expressing the central theme of the film.

Of course, I could tell you what she says, but wouldn’t it better if you watched the film? Then you could decide for yourself if it has any connection with this song.

Songs to listen to. . . .

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Just Around the Corner (unreleased)

Government Work (unreleased)

Somebody Else’s Alibi (from Just Where We Are)

You Can Get There from Here (from Just Where We Are)

Don’t You Worry ’bout Falling (from Just Where We Are)

Sunny Side of the Street (Pogues cover; SG General Store, 11-22-2008)


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