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Nightjar Records is the recording label my music appears on; as with all my endeavors, itÕs pretty much a cottage industry. So far the recordings released on Nightjar have involved me and/or Marnie and have been recorded in my modest home studio. The basic aim is to produce and market simple recordings that present musical or literary material in a manner thatÕs faithful to the performance and the work itself.

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You can purchase CDs directly from Nightjar Records via mail. The prices--$14 for the first CD, $11 for additional CDs in the same order--include first class shipping to addresses in the US.

Include a note saying what youÕd like to buy, your mailing address, and a check (payable to Nath Dresser) to

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Nath & Marnie Dresser
Some Kind of Sign
2010, NR CD002b

Some Kind of Sign employs five different narrative voices to tell the story of a Wisconsin farm family. Nath performs four songs, each in the voice of a different man in the family, while Marnie reads a three-part poem written in the voice of one of the women.


Some Kind of Sign : track list

The Fiddler [Uncle Runar] (6:06)
The View from the Tightrope, I [Lisa] (7:39)
Prairie Gold [Harold] (4:18)
The View from the Tightrope, II [Lisa] (7:42)
Some Kind of Sign [Jim] (4:14)
The View from the Tightrope, III [Lisa] (6:04)
IÕll Take My Stand [Karl] (5:07)

Nath Dresser
Just Where We Are
2002, NR CD001

NathÕs debut CD, this solo studio recording consists of twelve songs and two poems.

[ out of print ]


Just Where We Are : track list

Lovers Incognito (4:13)
You Can Get There from Here (4:37)
IÕve Got an Old Car (3:35)
Somebody ElseÕs Alibi (3:32)
When YouÕre Alone (3:52)
Waiting in Cypress (4:56)
NighthawkÕs Lament (3:32)
When Fog Rolls In (0:42)
DonÕt You Worry Õbout Falling (3:23)
At the Edge of Brigadoon (4:16)
TroubadourÕs Song (3:18)
Christmas 1971 (5:06)
Winter Solstice (0:17)
Just Where We Are (3:45) :: home of singer-songwriter / photographer Nath Dresser :: all material © Nath Dresser unless otherwise noted