GearÕs a matter of preference, of course; what works for one musician may not be worth much to another.

Like many musicians, IÕm pretty particular about my gear. For my guitars, IÕm after a warm, natural sound, with just the right amount of crispness and air, and I want my vocals to be clear and intelligible. Not every musician would be happy with the equipment IÕve chosen to work with: after all, even something as exciting as cables and connectors can ignite a very spirited debate among musicians!

Still, if youÕre wondering what gear I use when IÕm playing live or recording, the following list will give you an idea.



currently, a 1999 Gibson WM-180 and an Eastman ER2 hollow-body electric


GHS Phosphor Bronze ŅTrue MediumÓ (WM-180); D'Addario Half Rounds and Rotosound Top Tape flatwound (Eastman ER2)


Sonic Research ST-200; also a Korg DT-3 and an Intellitouch PT1

acoustic pickup

K&K Trinity: a Pure Western Mini soundboard transducer array, an internal mic, and a K&K Trinity preamp; Seymour-Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube

vocal mic

Audix VX10 condenser, Audix OM6 dynamic, or Sennheiser e935 dynamic

instrument mic

Audix D2 or OM6 (on the very rare occasions I donÕt use pickups)


Schertler Unico, a 4-channel, 150W amp, with matching Schertler Side as a second powered speaker when needed, or Schertler David, a 2-channel 80W amp

direct box

Raven Labs MDB-1 (also, for EQ, a Raven Labs True Blue)

effects pedals

Coldcraft Harmonic Tremolo, VFE Blues King (overdrive), VFE Blueprint (delay), and an Red Panda Context reverb


Dunlop Zookies thumbpicks, Propik fingerpicks, and Clayton Ultem Tortoise flatpicks


Shubb deluxe, with a Keyser backup

guitar cables

custom Redco Audio (acoustic), Spectraflex (electric), EWI (effects)

mic cables

ProCo MasterMike, EWI Starline, and EWI Pro-Quad

speaker cables

ProCo Excellines (12 awg)

mic stands

Konig & Meyer

speaker stands

Ultimate TS-80

guitar stand

Konig & Meyer ŅHeliÓ

field recorder

Tascam DR-07

CD recorder

Tascam CD-RW 402

analog mixer

Yamaha MG10/2

studio mics

Audio-Technica AT-4040, Audix VX10, and a pair of CAD e70s

mic pre

dbx 760x


Audio-Technica ATH-M50s for studio work, ATH-M30s for tracking and field work


KRK V4 series II

audio interface

Audient iD14

recording software

Cockos Reaper; iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced, Alloy 2, Nectar 2, Trash 2


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